Matilda By Roald Dahl

I read this book on my mother’s Kindle many days back. But as my mother was busy working she did not give me the laptop to type out the review. Matilda is a book written by my favorite author Roald Dahl. This book speaks about a little girl called Matilda.


Matilda is five years old and she loves to read books. But her parents would not allow her to read. Instead, they would say watch more TV. The principal of her school Mrs. Trunchbull was very strict. She used to throw all the children, just like a football. I like Miss Honey, her teacher, as she used to allow Matilda read books. I love books too, so I feel like as though I am Matilda. I don’t like her parents who stop her from reading books.

Books make a person intelligent and they are sometimes funny too. All children should read Matilda. It is one of the best books I have read.A


Geronimo Stilton-Four Mice Deep In The Jungle


I had gone to the parent-teacher meeting in my school. There was a book fair there on that day. There were many kinds of books, but I didn’t want any of them, except for Geronimo Stilton. I looked at the back of the book and it seemed funny. I thought I should ask my mother if I could buy it.

My mother said – YES!!!!! Yeah…..

Let me tell you what the book is about.

“I have never been a brave mouse”, says Geronimo Stilton, a scared mouse.  Geronimo lives in New Mouse City. He runs a newspaper called the Rodents Gazette. 

In the book Geronimo is scared of everything- first cats, then spooky holidays such as Halloween and fireworks too. He goes to a doctor and tells him the problem that he is afraid of everything. So Geronimo’s family Thea, Trap and Benjamin decided to take Geronimo to the jungle for a surprise camp to make him brave. In the camp slowly Geronimo starts to become brave. For example he is no more scared of heights, snakes and little creatures, getting out of his mouse-hole.

I like this book, I think you should read it too. You will never dance or cry but laugh laugh laugh the full day long.



The Magic School Bus – Inside The Earth


This book is about things that are found inside the earth. The children and their teacher go in a magic school bus trip to the centre of the earth. Now I shall explain what I read. Inside the earth, there are layers. The layers are one on top of each other. Example: Crust, Melted rock, Mantle, Outer core and then inside core. It is very very hot in the inside core.  Children in the book come out from  a volcano. They found lot of fossils in rocky caves. I liked this book because I learnt a lot. And my sister Divya reads all these magic school bus books.


Silky and the Rainbow Feather-Enid Blyton

This story is about the Enchanted World which has fairies and trolls.

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Silky the fairy goes to the land of the Mine-all-Mines and Talon the Troll catches her there. He wants her so that he can get all the Talismans from the Vault. But Silky was very brave. She got some help from her fairy friends from the Fairy Land. She saved the Rainbow Feather from Talon the Troll. In the end, Silky and her Fairy friends are off to another adventure. 

I liked this book and the bravest fairy-Silky. This is a very nice chapter book. I will take it to school everyday whenever I want. I did not like Talon the Troll stealing the talisman.


Yesper and Noper

There are two boys who are very good friends, Yesper and Noper. Yesrper always says Yes for everything. Noper tells NO always for everything. This book is about travelling. It is about how Yesper and Noper go on an adventure trip. In the end, Yesper keeps telling Yes, And Noper changes and also says Yes.

I liked this book a lot. It is a nice book. It is a bit tough. If you want this book, you have to buy from my school, where I bought it .



Bubbles Plays With Fire

I read this book today two times. The book is about a little monkey who plays with fire. He finds it in the kitchen and burns his teddy’s legs and his hands. Mummy helps him to put out the fire.

From the book I learnt that I should never play with fire. I didn’t like one thing in the book, bubbles is too small. Why does he want to play with fire? He is a naughty monkey.

This is an easy to read book.